May 21, 2012

Amazing Race Party

It was recently my daughter's 14th Birthday and we had an Amazing Race Birthday Party.  The party started right after school.  All 8 girls got off the bus together.

Before the party started, however, things needed to get a bit organized.  So on Thursday I sent my daughter to school with an envelope for each girl.  These envelopes were not addressed, they were to draw them at random.  Inside the envelopes were instructions for the party and their team color.  They were asked to wear their team color to school on Friday.

I gave the girls 30 minutes after school to eat, drink and be loud.  After they completed that, we started with instructions for the race.  The Challenges were as follows:

1.  You and your team member must find your team mascot, name your mascot and return to me for the next challenge.  The night before I placed small stuffed animals in clear plastic sandwich bags and hid them around the block.  They didn't need to cross a street in order to complete this challenge.  It was also very important to treat the neighbors yards with respect.  I showed them houses they were not to stop at (crabby neighbors) and instructed them to always be polite.

2.  Roadblock:  I did get some of my ideas from the internet, such as this one.  I used cherry flavored jello and colored it black.  The team had to choose one member to complete this roadblock.  They needed to suck the jello through a straw.

3.  The next challenge was dress up.  I had a huge box full of odd items:  necklaces, scarves, hats, etc.  Each team member had to dress up the other person on their team in 3 dress up items.  They then needed to have a photo shoot.  They had to wear the items for the duration of the game along with carrying their team mascot.

4.  Scavenger hunt challenge:  Each team received a bag that my daughter and I made.  Inside the bag was a pencil and a list of scavenger hunt items:  plastic utensil, magnet, paper clip, napkin, clothes pin, and toilet paper roll.  They were to go to the neighbors to collect these items and they could only collect one item per neighbor.  At the end of the party, each girl received one of these bags.

5.  Once the scavenger hunt was complete, they needed to meet me at the local park by the swings.  One girl needed to swing while the other girl threw her bean bags and the girl on the swing needed to toss them into the hole.  This took lots of creativity.  One team realize that standing and swinging was the easiest way to go.

6.  Because it was so warm the day of the race, we needed a game that was a little bit slower.  So the next challenge was drawing.  One team member needed to be blind folded while the other team member instructed them on drawing a portrait.  The portrait needed to include the head, eyes, nose, mouth, hair, body, arms and legs.

7.  This challenge was the History of Mazomanie.  Downtown Mazomanie there are many signs as to the town's history and the history of various buildings.  If they didn't answer the questions correctly, they needed to return to downtown.  Questions included ages of buildings, information about the first Ringling Brothers performance in Mazomanie, questions about a local inventor - Mr. Appleby, about the railroad and questions about the original factories in town.  I used this time as my break to get dinner ready.

8.  The final challenge was to find the flag with your team color.

The Amazing Race lasted about 3 hours.  I took many photos and videos and put together their own television show as souvenirs of the party.  I couldn't wait to take a nap on Saturday after the girls all left.

We had build  your own walking tacos, fresh pineapple, popcorn, a candy counter, sodas, juice, lots and lots of water, and build your own cheesecake for a birthday cake.  I premade the cheesecake and allowed the girls to top it as they pleased.  However, I did need to guard the whipped cream can because they really wanted to just squirt it directly into their mouths.  Fun, yes, but just a little gross since they all needed to share.

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