April 10, 2012

I am Finally Doing It!

I have wanted to organize my craft room forever!

Finally, I have started.  I can't wait until it is finished.  Wait, it will probably never be finished.  I guess, I can't wait until it is at a point that I can actually use it as a craft room.  The kids and hubby will be so excited that they no longer have to dodge the piles of card making items or scrapbooking stuff, they can just walk through the living room like a normal family.

After I started, I realized I should have taken a before and after photo, at least a before and during the process photos.  But, the room was such a disaster area that you could hardly get in.  It has been the - Oh my goodness company is coming over pick that stuff up and throw it in that other bedroom - room.  Eventually it became so full of stuff you couldn't even open the door all the way.  Just open, aim and throw.  Close the door quickly because I would have for the cat to get trapped in there, she would never find her way back out again.

Remember when you were kids and you played the hot lava game.  Jumping from sofa to chair to cushion never touching the floor.  That's the way this room is (soon, was).  However, kind of the opposite.  You would jump to empty spot on the floor hoping not to miss because you would surely break something.

I am on the path to recovery from a disorganized crafting life.

I am so excited!  However, the hubby is afraid he will never see me again. 

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