April 8, 2012


Sometimes life is just filled with CRAZINESS.

With my youngest being on spring break and her best friend being gone, I was bombarded daily with Mom, I am bored - Mom, what's there to do.  I finally took her to work with me to show her what real boredom is.  I took her home after 2 hours.  Thankfully we live very close to my office.

Then, just as spring break was ending, my oldest got sick and ended up in the hospital for four days.  They never did find out what is wrong with him, but just sent us home and told us to follow up with the specialists.  The following week we spent our time visiting doctors, who still have no answer for us.  We still have appointments to go to.  

Now I am looking for a little me time, but it is Easter weekend and the family is coming to my house.  I would prefer to go Geocaching or locking myself in my craft room and organizing it.  When the mood strikes me to organize my craft room, I better do it, otherwise it will be a few more weeks of tripping through the room to get items and haul them to the living room.  Then the entire family gets to trip over me and all my stuff on the floor.  Really, above everything else, I wish to be locked in my room for a couple of hours.  Just doing me things and tinkering around.  No phones, no television, no kids or husband, and no pets.  Just me and my junk and maybe some wine or soda and some good music.  That would be soooo great right now!

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