October 20, 2010

Diabetic Responsibility

My son Sawyer was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when he was only nine months old.  He will be 18 on November 20th.  He will become an adult.  Remember with the new HIPPA laws, when a child becomes an adult they need to sign a consent waiver so a parent or other guardian can make appointments, speak to the doctors, approve emergency health care.  Even if the children is not responsible enough to own a dog, let alone save their own life.

I swear, my 18 year old is not responsible enough to take care of a dog for a weekend.  Where did I go wrong as a parent.  I must do too much for him.  Raising a child since nine months of age with diabetes, you get used to doing stuff for them.  On top of all the ordinary toddler items (feeding, bathing, diapering, etc etc etc) you also need to monitor their food intake, count their carbs, administer their insulin, monitor their blood sugars and make choices for them regarding, food, friends, sleep overs, birthday parties, and the list goes on.  Raising a diabetic toddler/child/tween/teen/young adult is not fun or easy or relaxing.  Put the stresses of everyday childhood, high school problems on top of a child with health issues.  It's a lot of work.  I have a LOT of grey hair.

When do these kids gain their independence?  When do they become responsible for their own health?  Somebody told me 24.  Really?  I am going to be getting insulin for him until he's 24.  Let alone pump supplies, filling his pump with insulin, making sure he primes his pump. When does he become smart enough to eat breakfast every day to avoid having low blood sugars at school?  I have chosen jobs that allow me to be at home when my kids go to school just for this purpose.  He's a senior for goodness sakes.  He should be smart enough to eat breakfast everyday.  Nope.  He'd rather sleep for those last few minutes and rush out the door on an empty stomach.  So his blood sugars go low at school, who cares, they will also take care of him. They have juice boxes and cheese sticks that he can eat. He knows this so he doesn't have to worry about breakfast.  However, the school is getting tired of him being a lazy teen also.

He is going to be in college next fall.  He wants to stay close to home so mom can take care of him.  At first, I thought this was a good idea.  What if something happened to him and nobody was there to take care of him. What if he wasn't smart enough to teach his roommate what to do in an emergency, what would happen.  Guess what??  It's time he learns the importance of these things.  I can't be with him every day.  Diabetes sucks, it really does.  He needs to control his diabetes so he can lead an independent life.  Instead of letting his diabetes control him so he can lean on mom and the school nurse.  It's time he becomes responsible for his diabetes.  Somebody should write a manual. . . . . . maybe in my spare time :)

October 19, 2010

When it Rains it Pours

I became unemployed in February of 2009.  In March I received my first two interviews.  WooHoo!! Right??  Then shortly after I received two job offers.  OMG!  Incredible in this job market.  After doing research about one of the companies, I decided to turn down the offer.  In the end, it is probably the best idea, but in the meantime, I should have taken that job.  The job I turned down was 40 hours a week, working with a bunch of type A personality men that apparently throw stuff and holler when things don't go their way.  The job I took is working with a bunch of type B architects that I don't even realize are at work half the time.  When I accepted the position with the architects, I knew it was part time.  I could deal with this.  The pay was better than the full time position (but  not nearly as good as the position I lost).

After a couple of months working with the architects, business slowed down and I lost a day of work, not good when I am only working 3 days a week.  So, I look for another job.  I find one, but it is also part time.  The new job is assisting the elderly, and I love this job.

After working two part time jobs for a little over a year, I decide I need one full time job, and start looking (not that I hadn't been looking, just not very aggressively).  I get offered a job and tell my part time job with the elderly people that I quit.  Well one client isn't very happy I quit and is willing to help me find a different place to work in order to keep caring for her.  This would also mean more hours.  Yeah!  The new job was ok, but I couldn't see me doing that for years on end.

So, I fill out the paperwork and background checks required to work with the elderly.  They say it will take 10 days to process my paperwork. Seeing as I had already quit my job and given the two week notice, I now have no work for two weeks.  What to do.  I am going stir crazy.

One week down of the 10 day process and I get a call from a head hunter wanting me to apply for a job and interview as soon as possible.  This is a wonderful job, making good money, and it is 40 hours per week. But, I've already committed to working with the elderly. I've already turned down one job to work with the elderly. If I were to be given this job, I would have to quit school as it would interfere with class times.

Life is complicated enough.  What choices to make?  I have two children with special health care needs and I feel like I am constantly at the doctors office.  Why do things happen like this?  I am torn with what to do.  If I interview and accept a position, what if they don't allow me to leave early to finish my college course?  What if they aren't willing to bend with my children's health care issues.  I have so much to think about when looking at a job, it is frightening.  I give credit to parents that are able to work full time and give proper care to their children with special needs.

October 9, 2010

Life Gets Hectic

Wow, was this a crazy week.  I have two children, both with special health care needs.  I work two jobs.  I've been applying work for months, and I finally get an offer for a job.  The new job would provide me with enough hours to work only one job.  Yeah!  I inform job number 2 that I quit.  I was so excited.  I loved the work I did, but the company is so disorganized it was embarrassing for the employees.  Job #1 calls and offers me hours.  What, they couldn't do this two days earlier when I didn't have the new job set up.  My clients from job #2 calls and asks to hire me directly.  This isn't against my employment agreement, but rather against their contract with the company I worked for.  They don't care.  How confusing.  What to do??? I loved working for the client and I enjoyed working with job #1.  Call the new job, thank them for the offer but I cannot accept at this time.  Keep job #1, fill out paperwork for new job with old client.

How do I keep this straight??  I know I've found more grey hair this week :)

September 3, 2010

Going back to College

I am 38 (almost 39) and have started college, again.  The first time I went, I took out a student loan, went to school every day, went to work every afternoon, studied enough to get my homework completed and paid enough attention to get by.  What was I thinking?

I have completed my second day of class.  It is wonderful.  I think I am actually learning.  Something I don't remember doing in high school or college for the first time.  To read the text books and required articles, to do the homework to having in class discussions, I am truly enjoying it.  

In my experience, going back to school later in life, I am truly appreciating the experience.  Why do we send kids right out of high school to college?  Sure, some are prepared and excited, but really, I don't think most are.  Are they truly getting an education that they will savor?

It is a joy and a privilege to go back to school. I sent my application in last spring and was accepted.  My acceptance letter told me to get my transcripts and classes picked out as soon as possible because they fill up fast.  Well, I procrastinated.  Life got busy and before I knew it, June had arrived and I still hadn't signed up for classes.

I finally went into school to sign up for classes and the enrollment person gave me a bunch of information including a "new student orientation" information.  They have scheduled a get together for new students and their families to learn about college life, what is expected, and so on.  Hello, I am not a new student so I chose to skip this orientation evening.  Ooops.  Apparently there was information on what you needed to do before you went to class.

3 days before classes began, I went to school.  I knew I needed to pick up books, but I didn't know anything else that needed to be done.  I walked into the administration office and stated "I am old, please remind me what I need to do before the first day of school."  Everybody laughed, they took me by the hand and helped me figure it out.  All the while my 17 year old son sat in the corner totally embarrassed by his old mother.

This process didn't even hurt.  I had my picture taken for student ID and information on how to use the ID for campus programs and events.  I am a little old, I don't think I will be going to the pep rally anytime soon, but  you never know.  Although, it does get me a discount at the massage school, this I will use :)  They asked me if I needed a locker.  I didn't know, how much does it cost.  It was free.  I asked others in the room if I needed a locker, why would I need a locker?  They all said yes, take the locker.  At 38 I now have a locker with a combination to remember to store my winter boots and coats.  The younger girls said they put a mirror in their locker to check their hair and make-up before class.   Umm, is this task supposed to be on my radar? I am 38.  After getting lunches packed, two kids off to school, husband out of the house for work, working for the day myself and running to class, whether my hair is perfect or my lipstick looks great is not on mind whatsoever.  But, I have a locker with nothing in it and a combination that I wrote inside my text books so I won't forget it.  You never know, I may care one day about what I look like on my way home from school at 7:30 with a 45 minute drive to make dinner and get kids ready for bed, check their home work and prepare for the next day.  

August 28, 2010

Why Blogging????

I've been intrigued about blogging for awhile.  I have friends that blog, I read other peoples blogs, but I haven't actually taken the time to sit down and give it a try.  I know absolutely nothing about my front page looking cool.  This is something I hope to learn as I go.

So, why blogging.  The other day I was on the phone with my good friend Jeff telling him about my week.  From going back to college at the age of 38, to my fellow classmates, my family and my job.  He is always amazed at all the things happening in my life.

I then told my husband that Jeff thinks I should blog about my life, he said he thought it was a great idea.  So here I am.

I do say, I have a somewhat interesting life.  I am not sure if I should go back a couple of years, or start the blog from today going forward.  However, I think it may only be fair if I fill you in on the past few years of my life.  This is going to take a few short blogs to catch you up.  Stay tuned :)